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Remarks Made by H.E.Mr.Zhang Yiming at Chinese Ambassador Scholarship Prize Awarding Ceremony in Oshikoto Region

Your Worship Counc. M. Hangula, Mayor of Tsumeb;

Mr. Lamek Kafidi, Regional Director of Education;

Dear principals of Otjikoto Senior Secondary School and Joseph Simaneka Asino Secondary School;

Teachers, parents, learners and media friends;

I am very happy to visit the beautiful city of Tsumeb for the third time since I came to Namibia as Chinese Ambassador. I was deeply impressed by the beautiful Jacaranda in the city as well as the quiet and clean environment and the historic museum. This is a birthplace of heroes and outstanding people. That’s one of the reasons why we are glad to come here to award Chinese Ambassador Scholarship.

Oshikoto Region is famous for its agriculture and mining industry in Namibia with fertile land, abundant groundwater and rich natural resources, which make it in dire need of more educated and skilled experts. We hope that learners from Oshikoto region can be encouraged by Chinese Ambassador Scholarship to better leverage local advantages when graduating from universities as professionals.

There is a saying in China that " it takes ten years to grow a tree but a hundred years to educate a great generation". It tells us that a country will have bright future when its young people are well educated. China has always put education as the priority of national development. Since the reform and opening up, China has built the world's largest education system, which has made important contribution to our modernization. Namibia also attaches great importance to education as the proverb says, “Learning makes one’s soul great.” We hope that Chinese Ambassador Scholarship could be the spark to further promote Namibia education fire, and thus assist various undertakings of Namibia.

The two beneficiaries in Oshikoto region were kindly recommended by leaders of Oshikoto Region and Tsumeb Town, and were carefully received and chosen by the embassy. Otjikoto Senior Secondary School has produced many outstanding talents in Namibia for 40 years and is well known throughout the country, while Joseph Simaneka Asino secondary school is younger and energetic. But the most important point is this school has provided valuable educational opportunities for many orphans and vulnerabilities with a shortage of education resources and facilities. Both schools are above average performance.

The purpose of the "China Ambassador Scholarship" is to encourage the best learners from all 14 regions in Namibia. Apart from it, we have done a lot to support Namibia’s education. Over the years, Chinese Embassy has launched many other scholarship programs, training programs, and exchange programs, which have helped many young people achieve their beautiful dreams.

As an old Chinese saying goes "there are always young heroes who are brave enough to try everything first". This motto has inspired many generations. We learn that only by being brave and enterprising to win honor will there be hope in one’s future, and will there be hope in a country’s future. Today's prize-winners are best among the best. Congratulations! And the other ones should learn from them and redouble their efforts to win this honor next time. Dear learners, I want to take this opportunity to propose three sincere hopes for you all.

First, please study hard and strive for the best. Ambition is the key to one’s success and also the drive engine to a country's progress. I hope you can study hard and be brave enough to fight for a more meaningful and successful life.

Second, please try your best to serve your beloved country. Dear learners, when you are young, you have many resources and support at your disposal. When you grow up, you must serve the society and your motherland and do something in return while pursuing personal dreams.

Third, please become the Ambassadors of goodwill between China and Namibia. China-Namibia traditional friendship can be traced back to the period of the independence struggle, during which some Namibian freedom fighters studied and got training in China. The two countries have always been good friends, brothers and partners. Earlier this month, H.E. President Hage Geingob attended the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), which is the second time visit after President’s state visit to China in March. We signed the “Belt and Road” cooperation MOU during the Summit, which means our bilateral relations and pragmatic cooperation are now faced with new historical opportunities. I hope that you will also join the great cause of China-Namibia friendship and make contribution to the bright future of our two peoples.

Long live Chinese and Namibians! Long live China-Namibia friendship! Thank you!

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