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Remarks made by H.E. Mr. Zhang Yiming at the Prize Awarding Ceremony of Chinese Ambassador Scholarship in Swakopmund City of Erongo Region
(9:00a.m, 22, October,Swakopmund Namib High school)

Hon.Cleophas Mutjavikua, Governor of Erongo region;

Ms. Jacqueline Rukamba, Acting Regional Director of Education;

Dear Principals, teachers, parents and learners from Swakopmund Namib High school and Martin Luther High School;

Dear compatriots and media friends:

Good morning! Since my arrival in Namibia as Chinese Ambassador last year, I have visited Swakopmund for dozens of times. This city has beautiful scenery, pleasant environment and rather sound infrastructure, which have made it an attractive destination for Chinese tourists. It is also a city of friendship and cooperation between China and Namibia with Swakop Uranium (Pty) Ltd jointly-operated by the two sides as a pilot project between China and Namibia. Today, I am very glad to join you and personally award Chinese Ambassador Scholarship to outstanding learners from Swakopmund Namib High School and Martin Luther High School.

Dear learners, you are lucky.

You are lucky because God always rewards the diligent. And it is your hard-working which has paid back. Chinese Ambassador Scholarship aims to help outstanding learners in Namibia and encourage them to study hard and serve their country. Generally, we only select 2 beneficiaries in every region. In Erongo Region, However, we have chosen 4 schools because I believe that with a high-level economic and educational development, there must be a large number of extraordinary learners here. Thus, we have every reason to make you an exception.

You are lucky because you are from the Brave of Land, benefiting from the care of the country and your family. Compared to some other African countries, Namibia has rather better educational system and the education budget as a large percentage of the whole country. You enjoy excellent teachers and abundant resources. However, because of some objective reasons, in Namibia, some schools in rural areas still have no access to necessary facilities. I, myself, have seen some learners of your age studying under a tree. They cannot even afford a shelter or tent. I have initiated the scholarship project with simple intention, which is to make some contribution to Namibia’s education cause. And you are so lucky to be among the first batch of beneficiaries.

You are lucky because you are born at the right time, even the best time. Stability and peace prevail with social progress advancing at an unbelievable speed. China-Namibia bilateral relationship has been lifted to Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership and pragmatic cooperation in many fields has come to a new page. Over a month ago, H.E. President Xi Jinping announced Eight Major Initiatives at Beijing Summit of Forum on China and Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). Let’s just take education as an example. In the next 3 years, China will provide 50,000 Government Scholarships and 50,000 training opportunities for seminars and workshops, and will invite 2,000 young Africans to visit China for exchanges. The World trend is mighty, and China, as one of the greatest marching ships, welcomes all of you on board. I sincerely hope that some of you could luckily have opportunity to study, work or live in China in the future.

Today, as Chinese ambassador, I stand here on behalf of my beloved motherland. 40 years ago, I was just an ordinary little boy living in the rural area of China. I keenly seized the learning opportunities and changed my fate through unremitting efforts. My motherland used to be poor, backward, conservative, but now, China is beautiful, prosperous and powerful. Such marvelous progress in the history was built by countless hard-working and brave Chinese people.

Dear learners, you are future of the country and hope of the nation. I hope you can do the right thing at the right time. When you have the magical power to change your own fate, the only thing you should do is to seize the opportunity, take advantage of it, and realize your dreams with your own hands. You are pretty young and full of vigor, thus you are supposed to be ambitious without fear of handicaps and challenges. I hope you could pursue knowledge in a spirit of bravery. One day, you will be the backbones of your country and qualified successor of China-Namibia friendship.

Dear learners, the future belongs to you, and your fate is in your own hands. I truly wish all of you could go ahead to create your own bright future.

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