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Remarks made by H.E. Mr. Zhang Yiming at the Prize Awarding Ceremony of Chinese Ambassador Scholarship in Walvis Bay of Erongo Region
(14:00p.m, 22, October,Walvis International school)

Hon.Cleophas Mutjavikua, governor of Erongo region;

Dear Principals, teachers, parents and learners from International school of Walvis Bay and Walvis De Duine Secondary School;

Dear compatriots and media friends:

Good afternoon! I am very pleased to visit the beautiful city of Walvis Bay and attend the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship Prize Awarding Ceremony. Firstly, I would like to congratulate Walvis International School and Walvis De Duine School on becoming beneficiaries of our scholarship project. I also express my thanks to the government of Erongo region and Walvis Bay municipality for your kind facilitation. What’s more, my appreciation goes to all the friends who support China-Namibia friendship and relationship.

I have special feelings for Walvis Bay. It is not only because this city has pleasant scenery, like the convergence of desert and ocean, which is one of Namibia's national cards and the world's popular tourist destination, but also because Walvis Bay has sound deep-water harbor, which makes this city the trade hub of Southern Africa countries and the bridgehead of China-Namibia cooperation. After the completion of the Reconstruction and Extension project contracted with China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd, Walvis Bay will become one of the most important logistics centers on the Atlantic coast of Africa.

As Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, I hope that Walvis Bay will not only be a model of China-Namibia economic cooperation, but also a benchmark for people-to-people bond. Over a month ago, H.E. President Xi Jinping announced Eight Major Initiatives at Beijing Summit of Forum on China and Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). Let’s just take education as an example. In the next 3 years, China will provide 50,000 Government Scholarships and 50,000 training opportunities for seminars and workshops, and will invite 2,000 young Africans to visit China for exchanges. I believe the above-mentioned measures will bring new historical opportunities for China-Africa and China-Namibia cultural and people-to-people exchanges.

Dear Learners, Walvis Bay is an important gateway to Namibia. I hope you could take advantage of that and play a leading role in China-Namibia people-to-people exchanges, especially the youth exchanges, and inject new momentum to China-Namibia cooperation. It is also my hope that through hard-working, you could even win Chinese Government Scholarship to study, work and live in China in the future.

Chinese Ambassador Scholarship was initiated by me shortly after my arrival in Namibia as Chinese Ambassador last year. For now, the scholarship has been awarded to 20 schools in 8 regions around Namibia. It aims to help outstanding learners in Namibia and encourage them to study hard and serve their country. Generally, we select only 2 beneficiaries in every region. In Erongo Region, However, we chose 4 schools because I believe that with a high-level economic and educational development, there must be a large number of extraordinary learners here. Thus, we have every reason to make your region an exception.

Chinese people always say, though the gift may not worth much, the kind emotion really matters. The scholarship is a small token, but it is to recognize and encourage your precious efforts. More importantly, it embodies the deep friendship and best wishes from Chinese government and Chinese people. I hope you could feel the excellent relations through thick and thin between our two countries from the scholarship.

Dear learners, China is an ancient civilization with a long history of more than 5,000 years. It is also the world's second largest economy and biggest developing country. Sharing China's development opportunity have become common expectation of the international community including Namibia, in which language plays a vital role. I was informed that your respectable principal had contacted Confucius Institute at UNAM to introduce Chinese language training course. I appreciate that. I wish you can learn and feel China through studying Chinese language, which will make it easier for you to find a decent job and achieve your personal dream in the future.

Dear learners, you are future of the country and hope of the nation. I hope you do the right thing at the right time and study hard. I wish Chinese Ambassador Scholarship could be of some help to your life. I believe that you can be brave enough to strive for a better future and become the backbones of your country and qualified successor of China-Namibia friendship!

I am rooting for you! Thank you!

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