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Remarks by H.E. Mr. Zhang Yiming At the Distribution Ceremony of Namibia Panda PackProject
11:00 am on October 23, Narraville Primary School

Mr. Daniel Muhuura, Regional Coordinator of SWAPO party,

Ms. Jacqueline Rukamba, Acting Regional Director of Education,

beloved Chinese compatriots,

Teachers, parents, learners and media friends;

It is my great pleasure to attend the love parcel distribution ceremony in Narraville Elementary School. I know that according to the usual schedule, the children may have gone home at this time. With all of you together with me here, I will present everyone a gift from China. The name of this gift is called Panda Pack, and I hope it will accompany your study tour in the next few years.

These Panda Packs are purchased by a Chinese civil non-profit organization, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation,in use of funds raised from ordinary Chinese people through Alibaba charity website. Similar distribution activities have been held in a couple of countries around Asia and Africa. While in southern Africa, Namibia is the first beneficiary. Up to now, we have provided Panda Packs to nearly 6,000 students in five primary schools in Erongo Region alone. A few days later, we will go to Kunene Region to distribute schoolbags to more primary school leaners in remote areas. We want as many Namibian children as possible to feel the care and support from Chinese friends from thousands of miles away.

You may wonder why the love bag is named "Panda Bag". Panda is a unique and precious rare and endangered animal in China. It is designated as China's national treasure. It is lovely and gentle, symbolizing peace and solidarity. Both Chinese and Namibian governments love peace and have shown high-level of unity in the liberation struggle and the countries' development. Therefore, Panda also conveys the meaning of friendship between our two countries. I hope that the students here will be able to perceive the friendship between China and Namibia via the "Panda Bag", inherit the glorious tradition of your forfathers and the value of advocating peace and solidarity. I hope all of you will become successors to the friendship between China and Namibia while growing up, and have the opportunity to visit China and see the cute pandas in person.

Recently, I have visited a lot of Namibian primary and secondary schools and seen many youthful and vigorous leaners, which impressed me a lot. Forty years ago, I was an ordinary student of a rural primary school in China. Looking back into my own experience, I realize that if a person is working hard enough, he is able to grasp his fate in his own hands. I was admitted to Peking University, the most prestigious university in China afterwards. After graduation, it is my great fortune to dedicate myself to the diplomatic career of my motherland and gradually grow into an ambassador of the People’s Republic of China. Dear learners, we can't choose our parents, neighbors and the environment of birth, but we can change our destiny through study and knowledge.

The change of fate cannot be separated from the external environment. Fortunately, you are in the best times. In Namibia, the society is stable, and the development in various fields is gradually moving forward,requiring a large number of outstanding talents. For any country, children are the flowers of the country and the hope of the people. "Only education can make a nation powerful and strong." Since the beginning of this year, I have visited eight provinces and awarded the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship to more than 300 excellent students. This year, we also offered Chinese government scholarship to nearly 40 Namibian outstanding students to assist them to accomplish their dream of studying in China, and provided training opportunities for nearly 300 people from all walks of life. I hope some of you will win the ambassador scholarship, and even gain Chinese government scholarship to study in China in the future, and become leaders in various areas in Namibia and goodwill ambassadors to promote Sino-Namibia exchanges. These are also contributions that China has made as a sincere friend and reliable partner of Namibia to supporting the education development of Namibia.

I hope that you will cherish the time and opportunity. Be diligent, rigorous and self-disciplined and develop the spirits of perseverance when pursuing knowledge. I wish all of you to achieve great success after overcoming all the difficulties.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hon. Cleophas Mutjavikua’attendence, and also express my sincere appreciation to the Narraville Primary School and the Education Department of Erongo Region for their support and assistance granted to Panda Pack Project. I sincerely hope that you learners will grow up healthily and study hard. I wish all of you have a happy childhood, wonderful youth and successful life!

Thank you!

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