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Remarks by H.E. Mr. Zhang Yiming At the Distribution Ceremony of Namibia Panda Pack Project
10:00 am on October 26, Eluwa Special School

Hon. Nujoma, Chairperson of regional council and representative of Governor of Oshana Region;

Cde. Samuel Nelongo, Regional Coordinator of SWAPO,

Your Worship, Mayor of Ondanwa,

Dear Chinese compatriots,

Teachers, parents, learners and media friends;

It is my great pleasure to attend the love parcel distribution ceremony in Eluwa Special School. Oshana was the first region I had visited outside Windhoek since my assumption as Chinese Ambassador last August, and it is the first beneficiary region of this loving-heart projects in northern Namibia. I will present everyone a gift from China. The name of this gift is called Panda Pack, and I hope it will accompany your study tour in the next few years.

These Panda Packs are purchased by a Chinese civil non-profit organization, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation´╝îin use of funds raised from ordinary Chinese people through Alibaba charity website. Similar distribution activities have been held in a couple of countries around Asia and Africa. In southern Africa, Namibia is the first beneficiary. You are very lucky to be among the few beneficiary schools from the whole country. We hope through this gift you could feel the care and support from Chinese friends thousands of miles away.

You may wonder why the love bag is named "Panda Bag". Panda is a unique precious and endangered animal in China. It is designated as China's national treasure. It is lovely and gentle, symbolizing peace and solidarity. Both Chinese and Namibian governments love peace and have shown high-level of unity in the liberation struggle and the countries' development. Therefore, Panda also conveys the meaning of friendship between our two countries. I hope that the students here will be able to perceive the friendship between China and Namibia via the "Panda Bag", inherit the glorious tradition of your forefathers and the value of advocating peace and solidarity. I hope all of you will carry on the friendship between China and Namibia while growing up, and have the opportunity to visit China and see the cute pandas in person.

Children are the flowers of a country and the hope of its people. "Only education can make a nation powerful and strong." Since the beginning of this year, I have visited eight provinces and awarded the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship to more than 400 excellent students. This year, we also offered Chinese government scholarship to nearly 40 Namibian outstanding students to assist them in accomplishing their dream of studying in China, and provided training opportunities for nearly 300 people from all walks of life. I hope you will cherish the time and study hard, and make every effort to improve yourself. I also hope in the future you may be qualified to gain Chinese government scholarship to study in China, and become leaders in various areas in Namibia.

I wish all of you have a happy childhood, wonderful youth and successful life!

Thank you!

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