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Speech by H.E. Ambassador Zhang Yiming at the Gala Dinner Celebrating Partnership of 10 Years between Huawei and MTC
Nov. 26, 2018

H.E. Dr. Hage Geingob, President of the Republic Of Namibia,

H.E. Dr. Nangolo Mbumba, Vice President of the Republic of Namibia.

Honorable ministers,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good Evening!

I am very grateful to be invited to witness this important moment – celebration of 10-year partnership between Huawei and MTC. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on this achievement! I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to His Excellency President Geingob for attending this event!

As is known to all, with ports, roads, railways and other facilities, Namibia is one of the countries with the most complete infrastructure in Africa. It has also set an example for other countries by good governance. As the Chinese ambassador, I am very pleased to see Huawei, one of the Fortune 500 companies from China, and MTC, a leading operator from Namibia, to work together to enable Namibia to stand at the forefront of the development of information and communication infrustracture in Africa. Benefited from the cooperation between the two parties, in 2012, the first 4G network in Africa was launched in Namibia; in 2016, the first 4.5G network on this continent was also trialed in this country. As a sincere friend and close partner of Namibia, we are proud of these achievements!

With the largest Internet population in the world, China has made major breakthroughs in innovation in modern times. There are four Chinese “New Great Inventions”, namely high-speed railways, electronic payments, shared bicycles and online shopping, three of which are directly related to mobile communication. At present, China is actively piloting and promoting 5G networks, and will continue to lead the international trend in the field of mobile communication in the future.

Information and Communication network is an important aspect of infrastructure. It is also an important area for China-Namibian cooperation on “Belt and Road Initiative” and an important aspect of four-in-one connectivity, namely land, sea, sky and online conectivity. The Harambee Prosperity Plan proposed by H.E. President Geingob states that Namibia is aimed at 100 percent coverage by digital TV and radio broadcast to all households and 80 percent Broadband connections and usage to all primary and secondary schools in Namibia to allow e-learning by 2020. I have learned that MTC is working with Huawei towards the ambitious goal of 100% coverage of the communication network, which will undoubtedly be another milestone in the development of the country. This achievement will enable Namibia and Africa to leapfrog in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I fully believe that with the joint efforts of Huawei and MTC, Namibia will become the best in Africa in terms of network coverage and speed of the Internet.

During the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held in early September, President Xi Jinping proposed the "six directions" for building a closer China-Africa community with a shared future and the "Eight Major Initiatives", which further pointed out the direction and provides a broader space for China-Namibia cooperation. As an ICT company from China, Huawei actively participates in the construction of ICT infrastructure in Namibia. It also works with industrial and academic partners to nurture an ecosystem for the development of the industry by joint innovation and talents cultivation and lays a solid human resource foundation for social-economic development in the country. I was very impressed by Huawei’s development strategy mentioned by its representative “In Namibia, For Namibia”. I think Huawei is only is an epitome of the development of Chinese enterprises in Namibia. In the future, there will be more Chinese enterprises to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with counterparts in Namibia under the guidance of “six directions” and “Eight Major Initiatives”, contributing to Namibia’s development.

Finally, I wish Huawei and MTC to bring their cooperation to a new high and make greater contributions to further increasing connectivity in Namibia!

Thank you!

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