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Remarks of Ambassador Zhang Yiming at the Official Opening of Health Campaign of the Advocating for Improved Health and Hygiene Behavioral Change
16 November 2018

Hon. Laura McLeod-Katjirua, Governor of Khomas Region,

His Worship. Muesee Kazapua, Mayor of Windhoek,

Ms. Bernadette Bock, Secretary General of Red Cross Society,

Friends and Colleagues form Red Cross Society, World Health Organization, Unicef and Chinese Medical Team,

My fellow compatriots,

Dear friends from Havana Community,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning! I am glad to be here in Havana, Katutura, to witness the opening of the Health Campaign, and together with colleagues from WHO, Unicef and China Medical Team to provide free medical services to our friends here.

Since the outbreak of the Hepatitis E in December last year, the Chinese Embassy has been closely monitoring the situation and has reacted quickly by donating 20 toilets through Khomas Regional government which has improved hygienic condition of relevant communities. After learning the outbreak, some Chinese pharmaceutical companies from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong offered sets of EU standard hepatitis E rapid detection reagents and other drugs. All of these reflected the firm support of Chinese people to our Namibian friends in fighting against the Hepatitis E.

The UN Millennium Development Goals call on all countries to fight against disease, which is a common enemy of people in Africa and the whole world. As a responsible major developing country, China has actively supported and assisted other developing countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals while seeking our own development. The most impressive episode is that when the deadly "Ebola" was raging in the Western Africa, China quickly responded and organized more than 1,200 doctors and nurses to affected areas and provided four rounds of donations worth more than $120 million, which made a great contribution to the victory against the "Ebola". So, I would like to tell our Namibian brothers and sisters that whenever you face the intrusion of disease, don't lose faith, and remember that your Chinese friends will always be there to help you!

Since China sent the first Medical Team to Algeria in 1963, Chinese Medical personnel have traveled to more than 50 countries in Africa, treated hundreds of millions of African patients and trained tens of thousands of medical personnel in Africa. The first Chinese Medical Team was dispatched to Namibia in 1996. So far, 12 batches of Medical Team have served in Namibia with a total of hundreds of thousands of Namibian patients benefited from the free medical services.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a Chinese doctor who once worked in Namibia seven years ago. Now as seven years past, he chose to give up a high salary in China and return to Namibia with his wife who is a nurse, and they dedicate themselves at Katutura State Hospital to provide free medical treatment to Namibian patients. He is Dr. Chu Hailin, the Head of the 12th Chinese Medical Team to Namibia, who is also here today and will lead his team to conduct a free medical service for everyone. I believe he and the whole Chinese Medical Team deserve our highest respect, for their internationalism and humanitarian.

During the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held in September, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the "Eight Major Initiatives", one of which is to implement health care initiative.

Today, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Association of Chinese Enterprises in Namibia are also here to represent the goodwill of all Chinese companies and Chinese people in Namibia. As a close friend and good brother of Namibia, China is also willing to offer our assistance to promote the well-being of Namibian people! Hand in hand, we can build a community of shared future for China and Namibia.

Thank you!

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