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Toast of Chinese Ambassador H.E. Mr. Zhang Yiming at the 90th Birthday Dinner of Namibian Founding Father, H.E.Dr.Sam Nujoma

Your Excellency Dr. Sam Nujoma, The Founding President of the Republic of Namibia and Madam Kovambo Nujoma

Hon. Utoni Nujoma, Minister of Land Reform and Madam Marianne Nujoma,

Members of Founding Father’s Family,

Distinguished Guests,

It is my honour to welcome you all at the Chinese Embassy to celebrate the 90th birthday of H.E. Dr. Sam Nujoma, The Founding President and Founding Father of Namibia. Today coincides with the celebration of the Mother's Day. What a lucky day it is to congratulate the Founding Father of Namibia and to exhibit grate to mother on the same day.

Comrade Nujoma is a great contemporary revolutionist and national liberator, a beloved father of the Namibian nation and people, and a banner for the African people in terms of to fighting for independence and freedom.Your Excellency has led the Namibian people in pursuing national independence and freedom, and inspired all righteous peoples in the world striving for that cause in the world.

It is well known the Founding President is an old friend of the Chinese people. Your Excellency has visited China 17 times and established profound friendship with a great many Chinese leaders. Today, It is our great honour that you choose to celebrate your 90th birthday in our Embassy, which is a vivid embodiment of your deep friendship with the Chinese government and the Chinese people. It is precisely because of you, as a great revolutionist of Namibia, had laid a solid foundation for China-Namibia friendship even before the independence of the country, and now it is in full blossom. Last year, China and Namibia established comprehensive strategic partnership, which is one of the highest level relationship China has achieved with other counties. The two countries also signed an MOU on the“Belt and Road”initiative cooperation. The Beijing Summit of the FOCAC successfully held last year is another milestone in the history of China-Africa relations, It will further deepen bilateral cooperations between China and Namibia, hence the two countries becoming more of a community of shared future. Recently, China has become the largest export destination country of Namibia, and Namibian beef was successfully exported to China. It is undoubtedly that all these achievements are inseparable from the care and efforts of the founding father. On behalf of the Chinese government and people, I hereby express the highest respect and most sincere gratitude to Your Excellency and your family.

Your Excellency, you are a household name to the Chinese people as a hero, so today I also invite representatives of Chinese nationals in Namibia, the head of Chinese medical team Mr. Chu Hailin and Chairperson of the Chamber of the Chinese industry and business Mr. Fu Xinli, to attend this banquet. We know that the founding father loves Chinese culture, Particularly Chinese acupuncture and Chinese food like Peking Roast Duck. So we prepared the Namibian version of Peking roast duck, although it might not have same taste as the Peking roast duck in Beijing.

And now, please allow me, as Chinese ambassador, on behalf of the Embassy and the Chinese people, to extend our best wishes to Your Excellency, the great founding father of Namibia Nation.

The first wish is for Your Excellency to keep cheerful. As a Chinese saying goes, "Laughing makes people young". And there is another saying "a revolutionist is always young." We hope Your Excellency will continue to be happy and vibrant every day.

The second wish is for Your Excellency to keep healthy. We are very happy to see that the founding father is hale and hearty. This meets not only the expectation of all the people in Namibia and China, but also the expectation of all the people who love peace and freedom in the world.

The third is for the peoples in Namibia, China and the world to carry on the noble cause which Comrade Nujoma has so audaciously spearheaded .

On May last year, Chairman of the Standing Committee of China’s National People's Congress H.E. Li Zhanshu, visited Namibia and had a cordial meeting with the Founding President. Chairman Li has a congratulatory letter on your 90th birthday. I am honoured to take this opportunity to hand it over to Your Excellency.

Now, please allow me to propose a toast to the 90th birthday of the founding father.

Long live Nujoma!

Long live the friendship between China and Namibia!

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