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Remarks Made by H.E.Mr. Zhang Yiming in the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship Prize Awarding Ceremony Jointly Held by Three Schools in Khomas Region
(10:00 a.m., 21st September, Chairman Mao Zedong High School)

Hon. Laura McLeod-Katjirua, governor of Khomas Region;

Representative of Hon. Margaret Mensah-Williams, Chairperson of National Council and Councilor of Khomas Region;

Dr. Zhang Fan, Principal of Confucius Institute at UNAM;

Mr. Xia Lili, Secretary-General of Namibia-China Loving Heart Organization and Executive Vice President of Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Namibia;

Mr. Gu Di, deputy chairman of Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Namibia;

Inspectors and Principals of Chairman Mao Zedong High School, People’s Primary School and Monte Christo Project Primary School;

Dear teachers, parents and learners, media friends:

Good morning!

I am delighted to come to Chairman Mao Zedong High School, which was named after the founder of the People’s Republic of China, to attend the Prize Awarding Ceremony of Chinese Ambassador Scholarship. I am also very pleased to see there are more and more people joining us to support Namibia's education, and work together to encourage outstanding learners and cheer them up.

I initiated the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship project from the beginning of this year, planning to award scholarships to more than 20 schools in all the 14 provinces across the country. The original intention of this project is to encourage hard-working and outstanding learners to study hard and make more progress. Together with the three schools today, I have personally awarded the scholarship to nearly 300 prize-winners from 18 schools in 7 regions. Hon. Governor Ms. Laura attended the Prize Awarding ceremony of Otjomuise Primary School in spite of her busy schedule. Today, she shows herself again. I really appreciate her pragmatic and efficient working style as well as her important support to the young generation. Dear learners, you should be proud of your Hon. Governor. I would like to suggest a big round of applause for her.

Meanwhile, we have the Representative of Hon. Margaret Mensah-Williams, Chairperson of National Council and Councilor of Khomas Region. I understand Hon. Chairperson always attaches high importance to education and I am glad to know her representative present here.

Chairman Mao Zedong High School has a special bond with China, which makes it a proper name in our list. In 2014, the Chinese government aided to build this school. In 2016, it was officially completed and put into use. So far, under the good leadership of Principal Mr. George Louw, the school has performed well and got excellent reputation in the nearby community. I am very happy to find the school well-managed and running well.

Actually, the prize awarding ceremony today has two things to celebrate. First, H.E. President Hage Geingob successfully concluded his second visit to China during the year. In FOCAC Beijing Summit, the “Belt and Road” MOU signed by the two government has not yet dried up. Our bilateral relationship now is standing on the new historical starting point. Second, the road in front of Chairman Mao Zedong High School built by Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Namibia has been completed and formally put into use today. Mr. Gu Di funded the road construction and Chinese business community in Namibia provided strong support as well. My compatriots’ generosity shows their responsibility to the local society and loving heart to young people of this country. I am proud of them. Meanwhile, they finished the construction with good quality in such a fast speed, then I must give them thumps up. I wish the future of Mao Zedong High School will be smooth and broad just as the road looks like outside.

Let’s not forget our prize-winners today. Dear prize-winners, congratulations! I hope that you can continue your efforts and strive for the best. I wish to see your names again in the list next year. Dear young people, no matter what kind of family or background you are from, what kind of happiness or anxiousness you have, you must bear in mind a principle, which is “no pains, no gains”. Do try you best to make full use of the time and master as more as knowledge and skills to change your life forever. It is my sincere hope that all of you can realize your beautiful dreams in the future. I hope you can become the important contributor to your national prosperity and carry forward the traditional friendship between our two peoples. If you really are the best, you may have opportunity to study in the China’s university fully funded by Chinese Government in the future. I am sure that your life will take on a new look.

Finally, please let me wish you all a brighter future and wish the same of China-Namibia relationship! Thank you all!

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