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1´╝ÄConsular Legalisation of Documents to China

Documents issued in foreign countries and to be used in China mainland shall firstly be notarized and legalised by the competent authorities in the issuing country, and then be legalised by Chinese Embassies or Consulates in that country.

Documents issued by member countries of the Apostille Convention*, after getting Apostilles from the competent authorities, can be used in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR of China directly.

*:Refer to the Convention of Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents

For the legalisation of documents in China, please refer to: http://cs.mfa.gov.cn/wgrlh/lsrz/lsrzjjs/

2. Instructions for Applying Documentary Legalisation

(1) Firstly, documents for legalisation should be notarized by the competent authorities in Namibia.

(2) Secondly, documents shall be authenticated in the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperations of the Republic of Namibia.

(3) Finally, documents could be authenticated in the Chinese Embassy in Namibia.

3. Here are documents you shall prepare before applying for the legalisation:

(1) A copy of the duly completed Application Form of Consular Legalization of the Embassy;

(2) A copy of the document to be authenticated, together with the original one;

(3) A copy of applicant's valid passport or other valid identity document, together with the original one;

(4) If the application were submitted by an agent, a copy of the agent's valid identity document and the valid identity document of the applicant should be submitted together;

(5) If the application were related to the certification of company's business license, a copy of the passport of the legal representative of the company and the documents which can prove the identity of the legal person of the company should also be submitted.

4.Authentication fee

Normally, the Authentication takes 4 working days,and fees are as follows:

N$400 per civil authentication (N$100 for Chinese citizen)

N$800 per commercial authentication  (N$200 for Chinese citizen)

Express (3 working days): addtional N$350 per authentication

Urgent(1-2 working days): addtional N$500 per authentication

(Note: express / urgent items are subject to approval by the time of submitting)

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