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Chinese Embassy Officials in Namibia donate to Havana Primary School Hall

A Fundraising Gala Dinner was held at Safari Conference Centre, Windhoek, on 2 November 2011, the purpose of which was to raise funds for the construction of a school hall. Mr. Li Yigang, Political Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Chinese Embassy officials, representative from Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hon.Nangolo Mbumba, Minister of Safety and Security and Deputy Secretary General of the Swapo Party of the Republic of Namibia, Namibian government officials, entrepreneurs, members of the media as well as students and their parents attended the gala dinner. In the evening, officials from the Chinese Embassy generously donated N$13,000 while the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry also contributed N$2,000. Their kind assistance and encouraging words inspired the students and won the cheers and applauses from the audience.

Havana Primary School was established in 2007. To date it has 1150 learners from Pre-Primary to Grade 7 and 36 teachers. The school is located in one of the informal settlements of Windhoek called Havana. Majority of the people in this settlement are from the low income bracket and are eager to see their children have better education to empower the community.

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