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The 16th Chinese Navy Escort Fleet Visit Namibia

On 11 June 2014 the 16th Chinese Navy Escort Fleet arrived at Walvis Bay and kicked off the 3-day friendly visit to Namibia.


The fleet slowly docked at the Port of Walvis Bay at 2 pm local time. CNS YANCHENG and LUOYANG flied both national flags of China and Namibia at the main mast. The Chinese seamen waved on board in rows to the welcoming R Adm(JG) S.N.B. Nghipandwa, Chief of Naval Operations, H.E. Xin Shunkang, Ambassador of China and over 600 representatives from the Chinese Embassy, Chinese enterprises and community joined the welcoming crowd.


The welcoming ceremony started in the traditional Namibian performances. The Namibian Naval Band played both national anthems. Ambassador Xin Shunkang warmly welcomed the fleet with brief remarks. This is the first visit of Chinese Navy vessels to Namibia in 24 years since China and Namibia established diplomatic relations. It is also one important stop of the first Round Africa Trip of the Chinese Navy fleet. The visit will be of great significance to further enhancement of the bilateral relations as well as the mutual understanding and cooperation between the two navies. Nampost jointly issued with the Chinese Embassy the commemorative stamp and the first-day cover to celebrate the visit.


Before the docking, the two navies held joint marine exercise, focusing on the formation movement, communication and rescue operation, which promoted the coordination and security-keeping capability of the two sides. During the visit, the two navies will organize other exchange programs including a friendly soccer game. CNS YANCHENG and LUOYANG will open to the public. An onboard reception is scheduled on 12 June.


The 16th Chinese Navy Escort Fleet carried out escort missions from 30 November 2013 to 24 April 2014 in the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia. After mission accomplished, the fleet commenced its Round Africa Trip, among which Namibia is the 7th stop. The fleet will depart the Port of Walvis Bay for South Africa on 13 June.



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