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Namibian Prime Minister Meets with Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong

On November 29, 2011, Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula met with visiting Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong in Windhoek.

Liu said that China and Namibia are all-weather friends and over the years both countries have adhered to equality, mutual benefit and sincere cooperation on the road to common development. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 21 years ago, bilateral relations have always maintained a good momentum with continuously enhanced political mutual trust and fruitful cooperation in the economic, trade and cultural sectors. She believed the implementation of various cooperation documents signed during the current visit will push forward bilateral friendly cooperation, to contribute to deepening Sino-Namibian friendship.

Liu suggested both sides deepen economic and trade cooperation, expand humanities exchanges and continuously explore the potential based on the principle of equality, mutual benefit and common development to enhance the level of cooperation. Both sides should vigorously promote Sino-Namibian friendship, guide the media and the public in better understanding the long history of bilateral traditional friendship and cooperation outcomes and continue to enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples in a bid to consolidate the social and public opinion basis of the friendship.

Liu said to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with African countries is an important cornerstone of China's foreign policy and is also China's long-term strategic choice. China will as always support African countries to make concerted efforts for self-improvement, independently resolve their problems and safeguard their own interests in international affairs.

Angula said China is Namibia's real friend in need. He thanked China for its support of Namibia's struggle for national independence, as well as its selfless help for Namibia's economic and social development over the years. Currently, as Namibia is facing less developed economy, young population structure and other issues, it hopes to draw useful experience from China in vocational technology, culture, education, health care, housing construction and other fields to deepen bilateral humanities exchanges. He also welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest in Namibia to achieve a win-win situation.



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